Main Areas of Practice Offered

*If your personal concern is not listed above, please contact us to discuss if we can offer you counselling tailored to your specific needs or find someone who can. 


Vancouver Counselling - Overcome StressAnxiety, stress, post-traumatic symptoms, and adjustment problems

Feeling anxious, stressed, worried, fearful, or uneasy?

Anxiety and stress amongst the most common mental health concerns in Vancouver.  It’s not surprising with many of our fast paced, high pressure, demanding lifestyles that we feel stressed out.  Perhaps you experienced an event that has left you edgy and overwhelmed.  Even though we cannot always change our lifestyles or what has happened to us, we can change the way we cope with anxiety and stress.  To learn how, we can address your specific concerns to get your needs met in counselling.




Vancouver Counselling - Find Your Way AcrossSelf-esteem development

Do you feel down on yourself?  Wish you had more confidence? 

Self-Esteem often dictates how we view situations, see ourselves within situations, and perceive other people’s beliefs or reactions towards us.  It co-mingles with our emotions and can simply ruin our day.  If you find that you don’t feel good about yourself, can’t seem to achieve enough to make yourself happy, or just wish you had more confidence, learning ways to improve your self-esteem might just be the solution you need.   In counselling, we can look at ways to improve your self-esteem so that you feel fulfilled, confident, and ultimately happier.




Vancouver Counselling - Overcome Frustration

Sadness, loneliness, emptiness, and depression

Vancouver blues?  Ongoing feelings of emptiness?

Sadness and depression are common emotions among people from all walks of life.  When the feelings don’t seem to go away, affect your daily life, leave you feeling empty, and/or impact not just you but those around you, it may be time to get professional help.  Depression is painful and you don’t have to feel this way forever.  Perhaps you feel lonely, struggle to develop strong relationships, or are lacking the support you need.  To start alleviating these feelings, we can address your specific concerns to get your needs met in counselling.

*If you are feeling suicidal, need someone to talk to, or know someone who may need help, call a Crisis Line (numbers are located in the Resource section of the website) or call 911.




 Vancouver Counselling - Overcome GriefGrief and loss

Have you lost someone?  Are you experiencing grief?

When relationship ends, often we feel a loss  and go through a grieving period.  The length of time someone grieves varies considerably.  For some it can last simply a few days while others it can take years.  Learn how to cope with grief and loss in counselling so that your pain is lessened.  Counselling can also help you develop a deeper understanding of your grief, relationship, regrets, fears, and/or other difficult emotions that you may be experiencing.




Vancouver Counselling - Relationship ConcernsRelationship issues in families, partnerships, friendships, work-related relationships, and couple's therapy

Have a relationship concern?

Whether you are struggling within a relationship or the relationship has come to an end, there are ways to improve your existing situation and ways to help you make a transition.  Relationships are the cornerstone of our lives and they can be the source of our emotional turmoil.  In counselling we can find ways of improving, coping, connecting, and/or healing from your relationships.




???? Vol.5 ??????Concerns about sexuality, sexual orientation, and intimacy

Worried or unsure about your sexuality?  Is it difficult to have intimacy?

Many people struggle with sexuality.  Whether it is within a relationship with another person or not, sexuality can be a sensitive topic that can be safely discussed in a counselling relationship.  Get unbiased help from a professional so that you can be freed from your delicate struggle.






Vancouver Counselling - Eating DisordersEating and weight concerns

Do you struggle when it comes to food?

Food is an unavoidable part of our lives.  Unfortunately for some, this brings about emotional turmoil.  Perhaps for you it’s an obsession with what you eat (or don’t eat), worries about eating too much (or too little), and/or a desire to restrict your eating.  Maybe you find yourself bingeing, purging, and/or exercising excessively.  If this sounds like you, in counselling we can help you find a ways to address your eating/weight concerns in a healthier, more productive way.




Vancouver Counselling - Overcome Work StressWork and school difficulties

Having trouble at work or school?

Work and school are difficult enough without additional conflict, concern, and personal/interpersonal struggle.  Whether you have difficulty concentrating, fitting-in with others, dealing with conflict, keeping up with work/school, and/or expressing your opinion, counselling can help you find ways to get your needs met.





Vancouver Counselling - Overcome Substance Abuse AddictionsSubstance abuse/drug and alcohol concerns

Do you worry about your drug and/or alcohol use? Worried about someone else’s use?

Substance use is a growing concern in Vancouver where many people are being negatively affected either directly or indirectly.  If you are finding that your substance use is interfering with your daily life or are concerned about cutting back, there are ways you can achieve these goals.  Perhaps someone in your life is using drugs and/or alcohol and you are being affected by this emotionally.  If you are struggling with substance use, counselling can teach you ways of reducing your use and/or possibly abstaining.  It can also help you develop ways of coping with the repercussions of someone else’s substance use.




Vancouver Counselling - Overcome Your StrugglesMany other issues that come up in life

All personal concerns are individual experiences that cannot be captured in a general sense. If your struggle is not listed above, please contact us to discuss if we can offer you counselling tailored to your needs or find you someone that can.






Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and therefore we will ensure your information is kept safe and secure.  At no time will any of your private information be disclosed to others except in the circumstances laid out in the confidentiality agreement, which will be discussed prior to your first session, or when you give written consent for the disclosure of your information to specified others.  Confidentiality is essential as it ensures your security as a client and fosters trust and respect within the counselling relationship.