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Individual Therapy

Are you looking for a change in your life? Tired of feeling stuck? Ready to stop suffering?

Whatever it is that you’re struggling with, most often, counselling can help. In session, you’ll be given a safe space to talk about your struggle to an unbiased, compassionate therapist who has the tools to help you get resolution. Therapy is much different from talking to a friend or family member. Those who know us best can be supportive and give direction but they are often limited in their ability to fully help. Moreover, people who are struggling don’t always want to share every intimate detail with their friends and family and worry about burdening them or over-relying on them for comfort. A therapist can fill the gaps that friends and family can’t. Counselling can help you delve into your personal struggle more fully and deeply so that greater understanding and awareness develop to direct change.


Session Format

All personal issues are unique and so the first session really focuses on the complexities and is most concerned with developing a full assessment. This is then used to determine possible goals for therapy and approaches to use that will be best suited to your needs.  From there, the work towards change begins.

                                                                                                              We work with clients facing a variety of personal struggles such as:


What about my Specialty?

People often want to know what I specialize in or what issues I’m most trained in helping people work through. The simplest answer: all the above. Through my education, work experience, and personal life, I’ve learned how to help people with a variety of personal concerns. My training encompassed all the common themes that come up as issues in people’s lives. Like most therapists, I’ve seen people from all walks of life and helped them navigate through emotional problems that arise from life experiences and changes. I’m always doing additional training, reading, and researching to further my knowledge so that I can be well rounded in my approach to helping clients.



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                                                                    If you are having personal issues that are causing you suffering, if you’re feeling stuck, or                                                                      if you simply want a supportive non-judgmental ear come in for a consultation.

                                               Many issues that come up are solvable on your own or with the help of friends and family but counselling can help                                               you solve them quicker and more effectively so that they don’t keep coming up throughout your life.

Get a solution that’ll last a lifetime.

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