Couples Therapy

How to Begin Working on your relationship

Deciding to get individual or couples therapy is a big step. You’ve likely reached a point where you feel stuck, need an outside perspective, are sick of being alone, want to build on what you already have with your partner, and/or cannot continue your relationship if things don’t change. Whatever the case, individual or couples therapy can give you the tools needed for happier more fulfilling relationships.


When to Seek Couples Counselling

It’s important to seek therapeutic support when you find yourself thinking…

* Our arguments don’t have a resolution              * We’re arguing about the same thing

* We might not stay together                                   * We’re having trust issues

* We can’t get past each other’s histories              * There’s an addiction

* We feel stuck                                                          * We’ve both experienced a significant loss

We will work with you and your spouse to mend these issues and more to help you both return to a healthy and balanced relationship.


Couples Counselling

Romantic relationships can provide the deepest connection, attachment, intimacy, and feelings of love and being loved. However, all relationships ebb and flow, which can make a happy, satisfying relationship become an unstable, painful partnership. During these difficult times, it is helpful to seek professional help to learn successful tools to support your relationship so that you both can get back to a place of happiness and connection.

GOTTMAN THERAPY METHOD Our work with couples is carefully structured and well-founded using the Gottman Couples Therapy Method based on the findings from the world-renowned researchers and therapists, John and Julie Gottman. This therapy is heavily research based and has been extensively developed by the Gottmans to ensure its effectiveness in helping couples overcome their struggles and significantly improve their relationships.



Gottman Therapy can address...

Poor Communication Set of vintage glowing light bulbs on black
Sexual frustration 
Loneliness in your relationship 

The Gottman approach is used by multitudes of top therapists in the                                                                                                                                                                 world and is deemed by many as a premier standard for couples                                                                                                                                                             counselling. Therapists using this method must undergo specific training                                                                                                                                                           to call themselves a Gottman Therapist.


                                                              Session Structure

The sessions will focus on key areas of your relationship that need help. Many aspects of most relationships are working just fine. With this in mind, we’ll address the parts of your relationship that are currently undermined and in need of some nurturing and support.
The first few sessions will provide a clear assessment of your relationship and your individual characteristics, histories, and personalities that lend to the behaviour seen in your relationship. With a clear assessment, relationship counselling can be very effective saving you time, money, and effort in the long run. This structure will give your relationship many refreshing and effective tools to help you achieve your relationship goals.

  • During the sessions, you’ll also be given learning tools and be able to practice using them with your partner in a safe and guided environment.
  • You’ll work through ongoing issues that you’ve been having in your relationship so that you can move past these and get back to a happier, healthier couple.
  • You'll discover how to balance, remedy and meld your trouble                                                                                                                                                                             spots with what’s still working perfectly fine in your relationship.


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                            If you and or your spouse are having issues with your relationship (or lack thereof), you shouldn’t have to continue to deal with the pain                             and risk things getting worse. People who do not have healthy relationships inevitably suffer and most often become unhappy.

                                                 A good relationship can transform your life for the better. Healthy relationships are fundamental to a happy life.                                                   They form the basis of connection, belonging, and support.  It's time to stop the pain and fix your relationship.

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