ERICA COLLYER BEAUCHAMP  Registered Clinical Counsellor

Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology, SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY

A little bit about myself:

I grew up in the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada where I attended Douglas College completing an Associate’s Degree in Arts. While at Douglas College, I began studying Psychology, Sciences, and Marketing and became captivated with the study of human behaviour. Simultaneously, I began my professional work with people by volunteering at a crisis phone line in Coquitlam where I provided counselling and resources to people in the community struggling with a range of personal concerns.  After the completion of my degree at Douglas College, I sought higher education at Simon Fraser University where I finished a Bachelor Degree in Arts with a major in Psychology.

Counselling Can Help

There is clear proof that counselling, when skillfully done, can provide the effective tools to speed up the healing process and prevent concerns from re-emerging. Counselling is the professional approach to seek when you’re ready to make a change.

Through my practical experiences and work as a counsellor, I’ve come to believe that people have the answers to their personal struggles within themselves. During the process of counselling, research shows that strategies and answers can be uncovered so people learn how to live stronger, more resilient lives.

Counselling Approach

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The specific therapeutic approach and interventions I use depends on individual or couple's concerns, needs, and ways of learning. I primarily use a Gottman Method paired with an Emotion Focused/Process Experiential approach, which effectively helps people understand the nuances of their emotional concerns to propel change and growth. My clinical approach to counselling consists of a variety of techniques derived from Gottman, Emotion Focused, Gestalt, Process Experiential, Interpersonal, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. As a counsellor, I continue my professional development through ongoing research and education.  I use research based interventions and collaborate with clients to help them explore concerns from a deeper, more informed frame of reference so that new meanings and ways to tackle personal struggles can be made to support change. 

Experience Background

Early on in my Psychology studies, I developed an aptitude and understanding of the complexity of human behaviour and the brain.  Concurrently, I was working as the primary Addictions Counsellor at a residential drug and alcohol treatment center with teenage girls. There I engaged in one to one counselling and organized and ran psycho-educational therapeutic groups on coping styles, substance abuse, and recovery.  By applying my education and understanding of therapy and the recovery model, I was able to help my clients gain insight, coping skills, and a new way of life.

Five years ago, I began working as a counsellor in Youth Corrections in Burnaby, BC. In this position, I work with youth who
are being charged with crimes in the community, many of which are dealing with mental health and addiction issues.  This position has not only allowed me to transfer my professional experience and education, but has also given me further opportunity to gain insight and experience about individual struggle, moral integrity, and human resiliency. Seeking to refine and learn more about effective strategies to help others, I pursued and completed a three year Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology at Simon Fraser University.

In this specialized academic endeavor, I worked in a Supervised Counselling Clinic in Surrey, BC where I saw people from the community dealing with a variety of issues such as depression, infidelity, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and eating concerns. To further my hands on experience, I then went onto completing an eight month practicum at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Counselling Services, where I held therapy sessions with UBC students ranging from 18 to 45 years of age. There, I also co-facilitated groups on Anxiety and Depression weekly. This work crystallized my clinical approach to helping people through a counselling relationship.  Since completing my Master’s Degree, I’ve continued applying my knowledge and experience in my work at my private counselling practice Counsel Me Vancouver.